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Adult Tennis in Manchester NH


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  • Social Tennis: We offer a variety of social events from weeknights Doubles Round Robins to Saturday Night Mixers, there is always a program that fits your need.


  • Skill-Specific Drills: Regardless of your skill level, we have weekly clinics designed to take your game to the next level! Beginners learn stroke fundamentals in our Adult 101 clinics, while intermediate and advanced players work on conditioning, strategy, and specialty shots in preparation for team tennis competition.


  • Competitive Track: We host 2.5 to 4.0 Men´s and Women´s USTA Travel Teams as well as internal tournaments.


  • Cardio Tennis: Fun group lessons with music designed to promote a healthier lifestyle through fast pace drills and games. Burn more calories, get in shape, and make new friends while getting the ultimate tennis workout!


  • Pickleball: Participate in our social Pickleball events and fall in love in just a few minutes with one of the fastest growing sports that combines tennis, badminton, and ping-pong.





  • Adult 101 – Ideal for beginner-level players who just began playing tennis or are getting back to the game after a long break. Classes are designed to develop sound technique to gradually get players ready for long rallies and match play.


  • Adult 102 –  Ideal for players rated between 2.0 - 2.5 and for players who have considerably improved their game after completing our Adult 101 program. Level specific drills and games are designed to reinforce stroke fundamentals, improve singles and doubles strategies, and develop proper footwork.


  • Ball Machine – Receive a steady feed while working side by side with our Pro to take advantage of personalized instruction. Great clinic for players looking to develop muscle memory after learning a new technique. Designed for players of ALL LEVELS. (online weekly sign-up).


  • Cardio Tennis – Burn some calories and create a healthier lifestyle in a fun, high-intensity class. Different types of warm-ups, cardio blasts, drills and live play situations will be introduced while enjoying great music. Bring your MYZONE belt or any other HRM. Players of all levels are welcomed. If you are looking to develop tennis technique, please sign up for one of our skill-specific classes.


  • Intermediate Drills – Level specific drills and games designed to reinforce stroke fundamentals, improve singles and doubles strategies, and develop advanced footwork. Designed for players rated 3.0 - 3.5.


  • Doubles Round Robin (3.0-3.5)Come join us in a supervised doubles match play. After a 10 min warm-up, 4 short matches of 20 minutes each will be played. It’s a great social environment to meet new people, improve your doubles game, and take your game to the next level.


  • Advanced Drills and Doubles Round Robin (4.0+) – Contact tennis director for more information.



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If you would like more information about our tennis programing and private instruction contact our Tennis Director, Juan Ortiz, at or 603-624-9300, ext 224.




Welcome to the “Commit to get fit program”! The program does not require a long-term commitment, or initiation or membership fee, and the purchase of products is not required! We are so sure of our past success we will guarantee results!

We will give you the personalized fitness and nutrition plan necessary to meet your goals. To ensure you stick with the plan, you will work with a wellness coach weekly and have unlimited access to all of the health and sports facilities right here at the club. Get ready to transform your life!



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NH Sportsplex


SportsplexAs a sister company to the Executive Health and Sports Center located in Manchester NH, and Express Fitness located in Hooksett NH, the NH Sportsplex is a set of premiere indoor sports facilities encompassing over 170,000 sq. ft. of complex, centrally located in Southern NH on the Bedford/Merrimack/Manchester town lines (off Technology Drive/South River Rd). The NH Sportsplex offers over 130,000 sq. ft. of indoor playing surface, where elite athletes and recreational players alike can compete, practice, and train. We are a highly entrepreneurial business that is passionate about the organizations, youth sport partners, customers, programs, leagues, clinics, camps, event groups, and sports we cater to!


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