Member Testimonials

Member Testimonials


Member Testimonials

Read below on what our members are saying about the Executive Difference!


"Kirstin, my morning workout with you changed my perspective on life.  I want to thank you!" - Karlene W.

"I am extremely pleased with my experience at the Executive. I also want to be sure to make special note of the exceptional experience I had with my personal trainer at the Executive, Ryan Yurista.  Ryan worked with me from the start of my membership and I saw amazing gains.  He is an excellent coach, committed, versatile and has an amazing ability to "read" people and to adapt the program to meet the needs of the individual all the while providing the guidance and support needed to make real progress.  His positive attitude is infectious and his commitment to his clients is without exception. Thank you!" - Kim M.


"Dan took my boring, self-made workout, and turned it into something that achieves results. At 44, with bad shoulders, I was sure I wouldn't be able to push myself very far. I was wrong, Dan showed me that I can safely push myself and continue to improve. Thanks Dan!" Rob S,


"I just wanted to pass along a message to inform you that I am very happy with Marie (and the Pilate's team) for the help she has given me over the past several weeks, and also for Ryan's help with the specific exercises he has given me. My back and hips are starting to feel better. I am not as sore as I used to be and I am starting to feel like I may step up my exercising and do more. Thanks for the team support!" - John O.


“Pete is a wonderful trainer who has really taken the time to get to know me.  Every workout is carefully designed around my capabilities and goals.  We exercise every part of the body with a huge emphasis on form.  Most important of all, I'm seeing results: my body is becoming toned and my confidence is boosted”. - Carmen S.


"I have been training with Jon Elliard since March 2016 and feel very strongly that it has made a significant improvement in my overall quality of life.  When I began at the Executive with Jon I had never had any prior experience with personal training and was not sure how it would pan out.  I can tell you now that I am stronger, happier, and more motivated then ever due to his guidance and partnership.  I am consistently impressed with his depth of knowledge, careful evaluation, and endearing personality.  I have 100% faith that Jon knows my capability and will push me to be the best that I can be, which is exactly what I need from a personal trainer.  Thanks to Jon my experience with the Executive has paid dividends and I look forward to our continued partnership." Shauna M.


“I've always been trying to push my own limits physically when I swim, run, or lift weights at the club.  TRX gave me something different, however.  I not only pushed my physical limits further than I could have on my own, but it also pushed my mental limits more than I had expected to as well.  The entire TRX experience was absolutely incredible.” – Elliot C.


“My family and I joined the Executive in 2001 and have taken pride in achieving total lifestyle wellness and physical performance.  From the early days of tennis and racquetball to today’s triathlons, road and mountain biking, trail and road running, skiing, sledding, competitive squast, and strength training, I was determined to improve my body and make everlasting change with my fitness and performance.  In 2011 when I hired my Personal Trainer, Joe Colotti, I began training diligently and focusing on adapting to a strict and balanced schedule of healthy eating, interval conditioning, strength and core training that I never used to incorporate.  I have changed my behavioral, physical and mental approach to wellness and now run, ride and train at least 10 hours per week and am constantly being challenged by my trainer to further my personal success.” – Carlo C.


"I have been working with Pete since October 2015. I can say, It is a pure pleasure to work with Pete 2 days a week. Not only does Pete challenge my physical strength and endurance, he does it in a fun and exciting way. My workouts vary and change session to session. It seems as if Pete puts in some serious time and effort to come up with my new workouts. I can say Pete has become more than a trainer to me, he has become a fitness coach. One thing is for sure; I always feel 100% better after a session with Pete, both physically and mentally. He and The Executive have been a life changer for me." Sam V.


"I really appreciated meeting my personal trainer, Jennifer Sawyer. I can not express how nervous and anxious I was, she made it so effortless and did not make me feel uncomfortable about my body.  I think it is fair to say that the Executive is very lucky to have her; a very intelligent individual who seems to be compassionate, thoughtful and very fair." - Dawn C.


"After being a member at the Executive for 3 years, in January of 2016 I decided to take my fitness to a new level. I've always worked out on my own, or participated in classes, but I knew I needed something more. I met Pete when he taught BodyPump and Spinning, and I knew his style and that he would be motivating and help me reach my goals -- and I was right. I've been doing twice weekly semi-private sessions for about 5 months, and at 53, I am stronger than I've ever been. I feel like I make progress every week, and I feel great. Pete's style is low key, but he pushes us to be our best and to work hard. He's an accomplished athlete himself, and very knowledgable about training methods. If you're looking for someone to help you achieve your best, fit self, Pete is the trainer for you." - Allison N.


"I joined the club during early Spring of 2016, and hired Jonathan as a trainer. I had worked out before on my own but never really saw the results I wanted. After a few injuries to my shoulder I figured I should hire a pro to make sure I didn’t damage it further. I have to say…Jonathan completely exceeded my expectations. He was extremely knowledgeable about what I needed to do in order to protect and strengthen my left shoulder. I feel great and am considerably stronger. I really enjoyed learning and working out with him. Jonathan really did a great job and I wanted to let you know how impressed I am." Dan L.

"Just wanted to thank you for facilitating the process and setting us up with Ryan Yurista.  We really appreciate it.  We could not be happier with Ryan.  His attention to detail, his concern, his knowledge, his gentle pushing of Cassie are all remarkable qualities.  We are both excited to be working with Ryan and believe our desired results are inevitable." - Don and Cassie


"I began strength training with Leah Lee 28 pounds ago. From then to now, she continues to  construct challenging, creative workouts.  Leah is extremely knowledgeable about the  physiological components  and nutritional aspects of personal training and is eager to share that knowledge.   She is incredibly patient  and encouraging, but knows when to push you just enough should effort start to slack.  I consider myself very fortunate to work with Leah as she exemplifies fitness at its finest!" - Bobbi C. 

“I feel as if TRX has challenged me in ways that regular working out could never do. TRX has not only helped me get a good workout, but it has helped me build my endurance to levels I didn't know I had. Thanks!”  Brandon


“I knew showing up to TRX class every week that I was going to get a sport specific workout. Every workout challenged me in ways far different then just lifting weights. Once again, thanks for your work and it was really fun seeing you at the swim meet.” -- Grant D.


“The TRX workouts were challenging in many different ways. It trained new muscles I thought I never had. It was a great experience and I would gladly do it again.” -- Joe M.


“I really enjoyed doing TRX with you for these past two seasons. TRX was always challenging and the classes always incorporated different muscles...from focusing on our legs to working our triceps and back muscles. TRX has helped me feel stronger; I personally find that it has helped me catch more water by increasing the amount of strength that I can pull the water with.  In addition, TRX class provided our swim team with a chance to bond out of the water, making our team closer and more supportive of each other. Thanks so much for running this class for us!" -- Eva C.


Welcome to the “Commit to get fit program”! The program does not require a long-term commitment, or initiation or membership fee, and the purchase of products is not required! We are so sure of our past success we will guarantee results!

We will give you the personalized fitness and nutrition plan necessary to meet your goals. To ensure you stick with the plan, you will work with a wellness coach weekly and have unlimited access to all of the health and sports facilities right here at the club. Get ready to transform your life!



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