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Current Offerings


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⋆ Private 1-on-1 Personal Training

⋆ Semi-Private Training (2-4 people)

⋆ Unlimited Barre & Yoga

⋆ Unlimited Cross Training

⋆ Wellness/Lifestyle Change

⋆ Iron Club - Building a Better Body

⋆ Women on Weights (WOW) - Strength Training for Women

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Private 1-on-1 Personal Training

The Ultimate Personalized Experience

Our team of Certified Personal Trainers is motivated to get you results that meet your desired personal health and fitness aspirations. Partnering up with one of our professional trainers will greatly increase the chances of your success no matter what your goals are. Whether you are looking to lose weight, decrease body fat for a leaner physique, train for a sport/event, increase your vitality, or just improve your personal wellness, one of our professional trainers will guide and motivate you through an individualized program to get you the results you have always wanted!

Cost: ranges from $55-150 per hour depending on package size and trainer. Sessions never expire and you build your own schedule. Sessions can be shared with other members on your account.


⋆ Create your own schedule

⋆ Personalized plan around your needs and goals

⋆ Motivating and accountable

⋆ Ideal for those with fluctuating schedules, new to fitness and looking for more guidance

Semi-Private Training

Great attention, great motivation, great results!

Semi-Private Training (SPT) is the hottest trend in fitness! It’s less than half the cost of private 1-on-1 training and is small enough for our skilled professional trainers to get the most out of each participant in order to achieve their goals.

These programs are outcome-based and always begin and end with an assessment designed around your specific goals. Each participant will get a personalized program that they will use in each of their workouts under the direction of their trainer/coach, plus plenty of homework! SPT consists of only 2 to 4 participants and can be offered any time of day without private room scheduling and group size issues of other fitness programs. Your semi private program will be designed around your goals and needs (body fat, sports performance, strength, etc.) or just a great group of friends/members who all want to get great results, save a few dollars and have fun!

Cost: Starting at only $37.50 per session/per person. Sessions do not expire and can share with other members on your account. Offered in 10 or 25 session packages.


⋆ Flexible schedule

⋆ Personalized plan around your needs and goals

⋆ Motivating and accountable small group

⋆ Ideal for those with fluctuating schedules, dedicated to fitness and looking for more value at lower costs.

Unlimited Barre & Yoga

Fun, popular studio programs like Barre, Yoga, Core and SYNRGY

You will never feel left out in our Studio style sessions, as we only allow 5-14 participants in a group. Our exclusive training areas allow for uninterrupted workouts and are big enough to be fun, but small enough for clients to receive individualized attention and guidance from our Certified Personal Trainers and Instructors. This is a winning equation for achieving results and staying motivated!

These studio programs are popular because it's an affordable, fun way for clients to take advantage of a trainer's expertise at a lower cost in an energetic and competitive group of like-minded individuals. Our trainers develop physically and mentally challenging workouts by including exercises that target the core, hips, legs and upper body through various functional training tools! These studio programs are a great choice whether you want to lose weight, get into great shape, or join your best group of fitness friends for an amazing workout!

Cost: Starting at only $54 per month for Unlimited Barre, Yoga and other studio-style programs. Offered in a convenient month to month contract.


⋆ Unlimited classes per week

⋆ High value, low cost training

⋆ Motivating and accountable small group

⋆ Affordable and fun variety of programs to suit all interests and abilities.

Unlimited Cross Training

Everything FITNESS that the Executive has to offer!

Whether you are training for your first 5k, a seasoned Adventure Athlete or just want to look and feel better, our Team Training/Cross-Training membership will open your doors to RESULTS! Choose from an amazing variety of goal-specific programs like Cross Training (XT60), Boxing Fitness, Triathlon Training and others. Our cross training programs are available for all fitness levels and you can take as much as you can handle each month to become the 'boss' of your favorite program!

Our Cross Training programs are all designed and delivered by degreed and nationally certified fitness professionals. You will receive great attention and accountability through your teammates each time you meet! Our team classes never exceed 14 participants and each individual will be challenged around their ability level.

Cost: Starting at only $114 per month for Unlimited Group Cross Training programs! Offered in a convenient month to month contract.


⋆ Unlimited classes per week

⋆ High value, low cost training

⋆ Motivating and accountable small group

⋆ Affordable and fun variety of classes to suit all interests and abilities.

⋆ Goal-specific programs designed by Certified Personal Trainers

The 90-Day “Commit to Get Fit” Program

Nutrition, Exercise, Stress Management & Behavioral Modification

The Executive’s 90 Day Commit to Get Fit Program is not a diet. It’s not a workout plan. It is a comprehensive wellness program designed to provide an education to enrich your life and help you become a healthier you. The 90 Day Commit to Get Fit Program is run by certified wellness coaches and personal trainers. The Executive is part of the HealthyCARE Wellness Network. We are proud to be one of 25 clubs in New England offering this program.

With over 4,000 participants, the 90 Day Commit to Get Fit Program has shown an extremely high success rate, with an average participant losing over 15.2 pounds, reducing blood pressure by 5%, reducing total cholesterol by over 15% and a reduction in girth measurements of nearly 10 inches.

The 90 Day Commit to Get Fit Program runs for 13 weeks. You meet once a week, for one hour of classroom nutrition instruction and one hour of physical fitness (2 hours total). The model consists of one on one and group support throughout the program. Our participants also receive a full access membership to EHSC and all of its offerings while in the program. Enjoy over 80 group fitness classes per week, access to all of our great amenities, our indoor pool, three fitness areas tennis courts and more!

Cost: Please see our Membership Representative for details.



Results. It’s our business!

Read below about what our members are saying about the Executive difference

"Kirstin, my morning workout with you changed my perspective on life. I want to thank you!" - Karlene W.

"I am extremely pleased with my experience at the Executive. I also want to be sure to make special note of the exceptional experience I had with my personal trainer at the Executive, Ryan Yurista. Ryan worked with me from the start of my membership and I saw amazing gains. He is an excellent coach, committed, versatile and has an amazing ability to "read" people and to adapt the program to meet the needs of the individual all the while providing the guidance and support needed to make real progress. His positive attitude is infectious and his commitment to his clients is without exception. Thank you!" - Kim M.

“I've always been trying to push my own limits physically when I swim, run, or lift weights at the club. TRX gave me something different, however. I not only pushed my physical limits further than I could have on my own, but it also pushed my mental limits more than I had expected to as well. The entire TRX experience was absolutely incredible.” – Elliot C.

“Pete is a wonderful trainer who has really taken the time to get to know me. Every workout is carefully designed around my capabilities and goals. We exercise every part of the body with a huge emphasis on form. Most important of all, I'm seeing results: my body is becoming toned and my confidence is boosted”. - Carmen S.


“My family and I joined the Executive in 2001 and have taken pride in achieving total lifestyle wellness and physical performance. From the early days of tennis and racquetball to today’s triathlons, road and mountain biking, trail and road running, skiing, sledding, competitive squash, and strength training, I was determined to improve my body and make everlasting change with my fitness and performance. In 2011 when I hired my Personal Trainer, Joe Colotti, I began training diligently and focusing on adapting to a strict and balanced schedule of healthy eating, interval conditioning, strength and core training that I never used to incorporate. I have changed my behavioral, physical and mental approach to wellness and now run, ride and train at least 10 hours per week and am constantly being challenged by my trainer to further my personal success.” – Carlo C.

"I really appreciated meeting my personal trainer, Jennifer Sawyer. I cannot express how nervous and anxious I was, she made it so effortless and did not make me feel uncomfortable about my body. I think it is fair to say that the Executive is very lucky to have her; a very intelligent individual who seems to be compassionate, thoughtful and very fair." - Dawn C.

"Just wanted to thank you for facilitating the process and setting us up with Ryan Yurista. We really appreciate it. We could not be happier with Ryan. His attention to detail, his concern, his knowledge, his gentle pushing of Cassie are all remarkable qualities. We are both excited to be working with Ryan and believe our desired results are inevitable." - Don and Cassie

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