• • Court rental is reserved for Premier Members only. Tennis courts can only be used with a prior reservation.


  • • If a member is found playing without prior reservation, a warning will be issued and the appropriate fee (if any) will be collected. A second offense may result in membership cancellation without a refund and/or expulsion from the facility.


  • • Participation in tennis programs (i.e., group/private lessons, tournaments, socials, team matches, clinics, etc.) require payment before the activity starts. Failure to do so will result in an automatic debit from a member´s account on file. We require a valid credit card be stored on file at all times.


  • • Reservations can be made by phone or in person at any time up to six days in advance with a maximum daily limit of two hours of playing time per person. Members may extend their reservation by a maximum of one hour provided courts are open 2 hours prior to the existing reservation. Example:


Call on….

to book for….

















  • • Members must give their full name and the name of all playing partners to complete a reservation. If names are not available at the time of reservation, names of all playing partners must be provided at check-in.


  • • Failure to cancel a court or clinic 24 hours in advance will result in a $20 penalty fee borne by the person who made the reservation. Lessons not cancelled 24 hours in advance must be paid in full.


  • Players must check in at the front desk prior to using the courts or taking a lesson. A reserved court may be reassigned if players do not check in within 15 min of the starting time.


  • • Tennis is the only activity allowed on the tennis courts.


  • • Members playing past their reservation time (please plan for at least a 5-minute transition time at the end of your rental) are required to inform the front desk and pay the corresponding court fee; if any.


  • • Premier Members may invite guests (i.e. value members and non-members) to use the tennis courts a maximum of 6 times during the indoor season. Guests (an members on our outdoor courts) must wear wristbands to access the courts and are subject to a $20 guest fee which allows for a maximum play time of 2 hours. Non-member guests must be escorted down to the tennis court after check-in.


  • • The use of EHSC tennis equipment (i.e., tennis balls and teaching aids) is exclusively reserved for EHSC tennis professionals.


  • • The ball machine can be reserved during non-prime time hours and paid for at the front desk. Receipt of payment must be carried with you to present, if asked


  • • Only certified EHSC tennis professionals are allowed to teach lessons or coach players on the tennis courts. Violation of this rule can result in membership cancellation without refund and/or expulsion from the facility.


  • • Private contract time is subject to a premium fee, and is limited based on current tennis programming schedule. Please contact our Tennis Director for reservations.


  • • Proper tennis clothing and tennis-specific footwear must be worn.


  • • No food or gum are allowed on the courts.


  • • Proper tennis etiquette is expected at all times.




Contract Courts


Booking Calendar


  1. • Fall 2016 Tennis Contracts have a start date of September 15 (or earlier) and will run weekly through December 2015, paid in one payment on the start date. (Holidays / vacation weeks excluded as needed.)


  1. • Winter 2017 Tennis Contracts have a start date of January, 2017 and will run weekly through April 2016, paid in one payment on the start date. (Holidays / vacation weeks excluded as needed.)


  1. •  Spring/Summer 2017 Tennis Contracts have a start date of May, 2017 and will run weekly through August 2016, paid in one payment on the start date. (Holidays / vacation weeks excluded as needed.)




  • • Availability of contract courts during prime time hours (Monday-Friday 4:00pm-8:30pm and Saturday 9am to 12pm) is not guaranteed and limited to one court per hour.


  • • Premier members have preference over value members when booking contract time. Contract time bookings reservations are to be made exclusively with the tennis coordinator and not the front desk.


  • • Members must check-in under current membership terms.


  • • Non-members using contract courts must sign the group waiver form and pay the non-member contract guest fee of $10.



  • • Maximum of two Non-Members allowed on a contract court during prime time hours.


  • No refunds will be given unless the EHSC closes the facility due to adverse weather conditions. A make-up time will be offered before a refund is given.


  • • All Rules and Policies of the EHSC apply. Non-Members participating do not have full use of the facility. Failure to abide by the rules and policies set forth by the EHSC may result in forfeiture of membership and/or contract time.


  • • Tennis balls are not included.


  • • The booked court time is guaranteed but not a court number.




Prime Time

Non-prime time

1 hour



1.5 hours



2 hours










  • • Non-member group rentals and one-time contract courts are available. Please contact the tennis director at for more details





Team tennis refers to all interclub competitive tennis teams representing the Executive Health & Sports Center and shall consist of players eligible to compete at a specific level of competition as defined by the USTA.


The following rules have been set forth for the Executive Tennis Teams:


  • • All players participating in the USTA League, as a condition of said participation, agree to abide and be bound by all rules and regulations set forth by the USTA.


  • • Executive Team League participation requires weekly team/group drilling with an Executive Tennis Professional. If scheduling conflicts represent a significant barrier to setting up weekly drill sessions, courts used for USTA match-play will be subject to our Prime-Time Contract Fees.


  • • Each team must meet USTA minimum level requirements comprised of members of the Executive Health and Sports Center to establish a team.


  • • A minimum of 16 in-level players comprised of Executive members must exist within any one level before establishing an additional team within that level.


  • • Players who cancel their membership will not be able to participate in an Executive team for a period of 6 months.


  • • Team rosters/line-up must be established using the following criteria (“a” first and “c” last):

a) In-level players that are members and available to play

b) In-level players that are non-members paying a team fee

c) Members playing up a level

  1. • Each team will be allowed two positions that can be awarded to a non-member. The following needs to apply to any team wishing to add a non-member to their roster:

a) The maximum non-member count for any one team is two players.

b) The maximum non-premier member count for any one team is four players (effective January 2017).

c) The non-member must be rated within the level of play of the team. A non-member will not be allowed to play down or up in level.

d) The non-member must pay a non-member team registration fee of $50.

e) Any non-member playing on multiple teams will be required to pay a non-member team registration fee of $50 for each team he/she is listed on the roster.

f) Non-members must pay an additional practice or game fee as required.

g) Non-members are not guaranteed a number of matches they will be playing in.

  1. • Captains will be comprised of members of the Executive. Neither a non-member nor an employee is eligible to be a captain of a team without the Tennis Director’s approval.
  • • Any of the rules can be amended by the Tennis Director provided it is in the best interest of the tennis teams at the Executive.





The Executive Health & Sports Center is proud to offer one of the best Junior Tennis Programs in New Hampshire. It is our goal to develop strong tennis players at every age and to keep their skills progressing through continued practice. It is important to be vigilant in attending class and to maintain player uniformity and competency within each lesson.


The following rules have been set forth for the Executive tennis teams:


  • • Payment in full is required prior to attending the first group lesson. Pro-ration will only occur if you attend a session that has already started, and in some cases may be limited given the number of sessions which have already occurred.
  • • Dropping into a class is permitted. However, in order to maintain the quality of instruction for every player, it is advisable that you contact the tennis professional to ensure you have chosen the right class.
  • • All players that choose to drop in must keep an account on file, which will be charged automatically if payment is not made before the lesson.
  • • Make-up lessons are allowed, but not guaranteed provided the lesson is made up within the existing session dates initially paid.
  • • Make-up lessons require our tennis professionals’ approval and they do not accumulate from one session to another.
  • • Classes cancelled due to the club closing will result in a make-up class to be announced by our tennis professionals. If there is inclement weather and the club does not close, a makeup class will be made at the discretion of the company.


Thanks for your cooperation and interest in our outstanding history of developing New Hampshire’s most talented young players.

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